Zip Lining ~ Canopy Adventure, Koh Samui Thailand

Laughing woman on a cable hipline over jungle

"Me, Jane!"

If you are in need a break from too-much-computer-time, let me recommend zip lining in the jungle as an afternoon diversion.

We are in Koh Samui, in the Gulf of Thailand, at the moment. If you are a regular visitor to this space, you will know I have a love-hate relationship with this delightful little island. Once again we are visiting with a long list of jobs, appointments and “to-do’s”. But, we always make sure to take some time out to go somewhere new or try something different.

So, last Sunday, while an international group of elite athletes were running, swimming and cycling their way around the perimeter of the island as part of the International Samui Island Triathlon, we were swinging through the tree-tops in the heart of the island’s rain forest.

Clearly, I didn’t take the picture on the left, which you can tell because I am in it; while I carried my camera across most of the cable crossings, I didn’t attempt to use it while in flight. But, I’ve included this shot because it so succinctly tells you what I thought of the two hours we spent in the trees. It was fun!

The brochure calls it: “The experience of a lifetime!!” I wouldn’t go quite that far, but it was fun. You learn to take self-promotion with a grain of salt in Thailand – well, anywhere, really. When the brochure states that an adventure is: “Completely safe” and “Fully insured” (or – more commonly: “Includes accidental insurance” – which is not terribly comforting!), this assumes that you arrive there in one piece in the first place. The Canopy Adventures advertises a “4×4 safari to the location” and a “short nature trek” as part of the package. What this really means is that you will rattle over a steep dirt road of caverns and gullies that even the 4WD struggles with before climbing up a rickety staircase with questionable bannisters to arrive at the start of your adventure.

Roughly built wooden stair up into jungle.

Up the jungle path ~ mind the steps!

Thai man and young woman at a hut selling drinks, etc, in the rain forest.

The central office is where you sign your waver forms before collecting your gear.

A woman in a flying fox harness high overhead on a wire.

Overhead, we can see the last group coming back.

Man haning upside-down on a flying fox cable, high overhead.

One of the staff opts for the upside-down delivery.

Young Thai male carrying numerous cable-ride harnesses

A helper returns with the harnesses.

Young Thai man at the top of a steep rocky path.

Perhaps this is the short "nature trek?"

Full Portrait: Young Thai male giving the thumbs up.

Young "Bird" gives us the thumbs up when we finally arrive, panting and sweating, at the top.

Portrait: Thai male, aged 50

Nat has worked for the company for eight years, and clearly loves his job.

Thai male sitting in a flying fox harness oon a wooden platform.

Nat models the harness...

Portrait of a Thai male in a flying fox harness

and shows us the correct hand positions.

Close-up: Petzl Tandem Speed Pulley

Petzl Tandem Speed Pulley

Man in a flying fox harness in jungle.

Nat smiles as he runs the cable.

Man in a harness balancing on a banister.

Nat shows off his balance.

View across jungle-clad hills

It always surprises me how much of the over-developed island is still undeveloped forest.

View of a waterfall through jungle trees.

A view of Secret Falls from one of the platforms.

Man climbing down through wooden platforms in a forest.

"Watch for the missing step!"

Wild bees on the trunk of a tropical tree.

Above our heads, wild bees sway on the trunk of a tropical tree.

Thai man hanging upside down from a cable ride.

Nat shows us how it is really done.

Portrait: Thai man sideways on a wooden jungle platform.

And Nat arrives - upside-down and still smiling!

Empty harness on a wooden cable-ride platform.

Out of the harness - whew!

Tree branch foreground; man and a waterfall background.

After swinging through the tree-tops, we visit Secret Falls.

Thai man in a large hammock in the jungle.

Nat relaxes between canopy clients.

Large spider in a web against the sky

Large spiders and their small companions are all around.

A rope "banister" twisted around trees.

Time to go! Follow the ropes...

A knotted rope in jungle sunlight.

... down the hill.

Rough wooden steps.


It was a great afternoon, and I look forward to doing it again some time.

Happy landings!

  • dietmut - April 25, 2012 - 8:25 pm

    eine schöne sportive Serie Ursula. Ich habe dies auch gesehen in Costa Rica, habe es selbst aber nicht gemacht (leider geht das nicht mehr) Schöne Grüsse, DietmutReplyCancel

    • Ursula - April 26, 2012 - 1:39 am

      Hi Dietmut,
      Thanks for your visit! We have seen these in other parts of Thailand too (never been to COsta Rica) but this was our first chance to try it. Very safe, but I felt the muscles in my arms a little the next day. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Signe - April 26, 2012 - 4:49 am

    Nice… would scare the hell out of me, but you looked like you were having fun 😉ReplyCancel

  • Dietmut - April 26, 2012 - 10:36 am

    I would certainly believe Ursula.Nice day and greetings, DietmutReplyCancel

  • Kevin Dowie - April 26, 2012 - 12:42 pm

    Looks like fun! Yee Ha! 🙂ReplyCancel

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