Rennix Walk, Kosciuszko National Park, NSW, Australia

A spreading snow gum against yellow grasses and a blue sky, Rennix Gap.

Snow Gums
Leaning, spreading, snow gums provide a modicum of shade over the car park at Rennix Gap.

One of the many beauties of Kosciuszko National Park in Australia’s alpine Snowy Mountains, is the assortment of walking trails. This makes it easy to find a walk to suit the weather, one’s mood, and the abilities of any walking companions.

The 6.5 kilometre walk from Rennix Gap to a Snowy Hydro radio repeater station, high on a ridge, is not a track I follow often. Although it is a pleasant 4-5 hour walk out and back, there are some moderately challenging inclines, and the lower areas can be very boggy and wet. When I have guests, I usually pick an easier walk or one with more dramatic views.

Having said that, the Rennix Walk is the first place I ever spotted the vibrant flame robin, or saw an echidna in the wild, and the track winds through some very pretty landscape. It was a sunny afternoon in early November – that is: late spring in the antipodes – the last time my husband and I decided to make the trek.

Grassy Flats, Rennix Gap

Rennix Walk follows an old management trail and starts by crossing grassy flats.

Close-up: grass and alpine weed in ground water. Rennix Gap.

You need to stay on the track: the ground is boggy and wet – especially after the snow melts of spring.

Man in cowboy hat walking over grasslands, Rennix Gap.

Got the essentials? Hat, sunscreen, water, bug spray, and we might want the walking sticks on the hills.

Sawpit Creek

Sawpit Creek winds its way through the boggy plain.

Landscape: Granite Boulder, shrubs and snow gums, Rennix Walk, Kosciuszko NP.

The trail climbs up through bush and snow gums and past giant granite boulders.

Rough wooden boards over yellowed grasses, Rennix Walk, Kosciuszko NP.

The “bridge” over Stewarts Creek comprises some well-weathered boards.

View across wetlands, grasslands and snow gums to the snow-topped Main Range, Kosciuszko NP.

From Lakes Creek Saddle there are views across the wetlands to Kosciuszko’s Main Range.

Fresh green grasses and clumps of bush in mountain water, Lakes Creek Saddle, Kosciuszko NP.

The alpine plants and snow grasses spring to life in the ground water soaking down from the surrounding hills.

Close-up: the mottled bark of a Snow Gum

The bark of the stately snow gums is always a work of natural abstract art.

Landscape: fallen, bleached gum-tree trunks on a grassy plain. Rennix Walk, Kosciuszko NP.

Fallen trees are part of the cycle of the landscape.

Close-up: tiny cream five-pointed flowers on an alpine heath shrub.

The Reddish Bog Heath (epacris glacialis) [I think?] has just started blooming.

Landscape: Gorse pea bushes, granite outcrops and a blue sky. Rennix Walk, Kosciuszko NP.

The walk rises up and crosses gorse-filled clearings.

Yellow gorse pea (Leafy Bossiaea) flowers and green leaves against a blue sky.

The Leafy Bossiaea (bossiaea foliosa) [I think?] has also started to flower.

Gum tree trunk with round, black extrusions all over the base.

I have no idea what the growth at the base of this tree trunk is, but it made for some interesting textures.

Rocky outcrop against a blue sky, amid gum trees.

The top of Giants Castle affords great views, but the ascent is only recommended for experienced climbers.

Lanscape view: Lake Jindabyne and East Jindabyne with a blue sky; Rennix Walk.

From a safer rocky vantage point, there are nice views of Lake Jindabyne, far below.

Landscape view: the Main Range from Rennix Walk, Kosciuszko NP.

The landscape in the other direction stretches out over the Snowy River and up to the Main Range.

Granit outcrop against a blue sky and surrounded by yellow gorse.

The next granite outcrop, which to me looks like a pair of rabbits, signals that we are close to the apex.

The top of the walk is marked by a rather un-photogenic repeater station, which sits atop more granite boulders. Again, the climb can be a little challenging, so we opted for a short sit and a muesli bar before returning back the way we had come.

Two snow daisy flowers against long grasses.

Snow Daisies (brachyscome nivalis) are scattered across the ground.

Close-up of purple Alpine Rusty-Pod flowers.

Alpine Rusty-Pods (hovea montana) stand out against the alpine grasses.

Landscape: vista across grasses, wetlands, snow gums to the Main Range, Kosciuszko NP.

Once we are back at Lakes Creek Saddle, we know it is all a gentle walk downhill.

White Purslane flowers against chunks of grey granite.

White Purslane (neopaxia australasica) dots the granite-strewn path as we head back to the car.

Text: To your HealthRennix Gap was named for W.E. Rennix, an engineer and surveyor who died after being caught in a blizzard in the area. We were much more fortunate: I lost (and found) my mobile phone, the boggy ground took its toll on the soles of my favourite old hiking boots, and we returned to the car a little wet and worn out.

In short, it was an enjoyable afternoon, and we were able to bask in self satisfaction as we clinked our glasses over dinner that evening.

To your health!

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