Magical Flying Machines ~ The Singapore Airshow 2014

Eight gold and black supersonic T-50s in tight diamond formation,  Singapore Airshow 2014

Black Eagles in Diamond Formation
How do they do that? The team aerobatics demonstration from the Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF) Black Eagles was impressive in its precision.

Is there anything more magical than flight?

… being transported through the air by an overweight contraption that somehow lifts itself (and you) into space? … watching graceful machines do impossible acrobatics high overhead?

I love airplanes. I love their shiny, reflective surfaces; their lines and curves. While I know almost nothing about the actually mechanics of lift and thrust, I love flying – and watching airplanes in flight.

It has been a while since I’ve been to a serious air show (Farnborough 2010), or even a local display (Merimbula 2012), so when the chance came to tag along to the fourth biennial Singapore Airshow, and attend the opening, I jumped at it.

There were acres of polished shoes and buttons, metres of gold braid, and more epaulettes than you can shake a stick at attending the opening reception and the first day of the show. Top brass from flying forces around the world had come to look over each others’ innovations. Somewhere in the back-rooms, deals have no doubt been struck. I, however, was happy to just wander around with the cameras and gawk at the Aerobatic Flying and the Static Aircraft Displays.

Trailing decorative plumes of smoke, the RSAF Black Knights,  Singapore Airshow 2014

RSAF Black Knights
Trailing decorative plumes of smoke, the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) military aerobatics team in their F-16C Fighting Falcons, opened the show.

RSAF Black Knights in Formation, Singapore Airshow 2014

Black Knights in Formation
The local team showed off a number of manoeuvres against an overcast Singapore sky.

Photographer with a tripod on the Changi Exhibition Centre Pavement

As the first flying display finishes, people go back inside the Changi Exhibition Centre, leaving just the local press photographers and ground crew outside on the pavement.

Flags from Twenty-two countries,  Singapore Airshow 2014

Twenty-two countries from around the world are represented at the Airshow by government and corporate exhibitors.

People Arriving at the Singapore Airshow 2014

People continue to arrive at the Airshow throughout the morning.

Crowd, including Jimmy Lau, and Singapore

Dignitaries in the Hall
Jimmy Lau, Managing Director of Experia Events, the organisers of the Singapore Airshow, describes the key exhibits to an entourage of dignitaries, including Singapore’s Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen and Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew.

An Asian woman inside a fighter airplane, Singapura Airforce personelle outside, Singapore Airshow 2014

Checking out the Fighters
With no “public” allowed at the Airshow yet, press and trade exhibitors take advantage of the opportunity to test out the equipment that are part of the Static Display.

A Boeing A350 engine, Singapore Airshow 2014

Curves and Circles
Looking at the engine on Airbus‘ new A350; I like the repeated patterns.

Open back cargo platform on an American C17 Transport,; dense personal talking, Singapore Airshow 2014

American C17 Transport
A visiting officer chats to American Airforce personelle.

Bombardier Q400 Cockpit, Singapore Airshow 2014

Bombardier Q400 Cockpit
Even when the plane is on the ground, it is a buzz being on the inside, looking out.

Man in a white dress shirt looking into a Boeing AH-64 Apache Helicopter, Singapore Airshow 2014

Boeing AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter

F18-F Super Hornet climbing, Singapore Airshow 2014

F18-F Super Hornet
Back at the aerial displays, an Australian RAAF pilot puts a Super Hornet through its high-speed paces.

Eight South Korean Supersonic T-50s trailing red and blue smoke, Singapore Airshow 2014

South Korean Supersonic T-50s
Not-so-far overhead, the ROKAF Black Eagles roar into the air space.

Eight South Korean Supersonic T-50s in diamond formation ,Singapore Airshow 2014

Republic of Korea Air Force Black Eagles
Could they be more perfectly aligned?

Eight South Korean Supersonic T-50s in a tight line ,Singapore Airshow 2014

South Korean ROKAF Team Aerobatics
Or closer together?

Two airborne South Korean Supersonic T-50s, Singapore Airshow 2014

South Korean Supersonic T-50s
Could they be any prettier?

ROKAF Black Eagles in formation, Singapore Airshow

ROKAF Black Eagles
Or any more spectacular?

ROKAF Black Eagles in fan formation, Singapore Airshow 2014

ROKAF Black Eagles
They leave us with coloured hearts and fans.

Red Russian Yak-130 Two-Seater, Singapore Airshow 2014

Russian Yak-130 Two-Seater
The Black Eagles are a hard act to follow, but the Russian pilots perform some impressive loops and spins…

Upside-down American F-16C Fighting Falcon, Singapore Airshow 2014

American F-16C Fighting Falcon
… as does the American in an F-16C Fighting Falcon.

MV-22B Osprey, Singapore Airshow 2014

MV-22B Osprey
The crowd watches as the United States Marine Corps tilt-rotor aircraft hovers overhead, before transitioning to fixed-wing mode.

Six KT-1B propellor Wongbee aircraft, wing to wing. Singapore Airshow 2014.

TNI-AU Jupiter Aerobatic Team
The Indonesia Aerobatic Team enters, wing to wing, in their red and white KT-1B Wongbee aircraft.

Six KT-1B propellor Wongbee aircraft, in a triangle. Singapore Airshow 2014.

TNI-AU Jupiter Aerobatic Team
They demonstrate a number of patterns and manoeuvres…

Boeing A350 Airbus, Singapore Airshow 2014

A350 Airbus
… before clearing the way for the beautifully quiet, wide-body Airbus.

People looking at a stationary Boeing A350 Airbus, Singapore Airshow 2014

A350 Airbus
The behemoth is pretty impressive on the ground, too.

Portion of a Lockheed C-130 Hercules, Singapore Airshow 2014

Lockheed C-130 Hercules
Visiting military inspect cockpits and hardware; like a magpie, I’m attracted by the shiny bits.

Rep explaining the tail rotor on a EC130 Airbus Helicopter, Singapore Airshow 2014

EC130 Airbus Helicopter
Representatives are on hand to explain the latest innovations, like the unevenly spaced blades on the tail fan on the EC130.

Nose detail of a Twin Otter Series 400 Turboprop, Singapore Airshow 2014

Twin Otter Series 400 Turboprop
I’d happily take one of these home…

Text-Happy-Landings…but it would never fit in the garage.

Ah well ~ a girl can dream!

Happy Landings!

Pictures: 11February2014

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