Coffee and Tea, Crazy Colours and Falling Waters ~ Last of the Southwestern Laos Impressions (Attapeu V)

Some trips are such a jumble of colours and textures that they more closely resemble a crazy quilt than a tidy tapestry. So it was for me on the short trip to Attapeu Province in Southwestern Laos in January: a mix of Wats (temples), waterfalls and monuments; rural plantations and rough-board housing rubbing shoulders with chic French-style coffee shops; dusty streets with brightly coloured clothing; and ‘peaceful’ monks racing over sun-lit sands.

So, this last post in the Attapeu series is a scrapbook of scattered impressions; a crazy quilt of clashing colours and cultural contrasts.

Monk pouring water from a bucket over a praying woman and child, Attapeu Laos

Washing Away Any Sins ~ Wat Pra-ong San Sukharam, Ban Sakae, Attapeu

Wooden monks

Monks' Dormitories ~ Wat Pra-ong San Sukharam (วัดพระองค์แสนสุขสําราญ)

Orange and saffron cloths on a balcony rail, Attapeu, Laos

Airing the Orange ~ Monks' Cloths, Wat Pra-ong San Sukharam, Ban Sakae

Man in blue helmet rinsing his in the Xe Kong, Attapeu, Laos

Morning Blues: Rinsing the Bike in the Xe Kong, Attapeu, Laos

Bright purple child

Purple and Red! A Child's Coat Brightens the Dusty Street Scene, Attapeu Market

Smiling Oye man outside a clay pit kiln - Ban La Yao

Is it Cool Enough Yet? Oye Man Checking the Temperature of the Clay Pit Kiln, Ban La Yao

White Two Nations Monument against a cloudy sky, Attapeu Laos

White and Gold Against a Cloudy Sky : With War on One Wall and Peaceful Agrarian Industry on the Other : The Two Nations (Laos and Vietnam) Monument, Attapeu

Close-up: Statue of Lao and Viet Soldiers in Gold, Attapeu, Laos

Golden Comrades in Arms: Lao and Viet Soldiers at The Two Nations Monument, Attapeu

Monks with umbrellas rushing over sand

Colours on the Beach ~ Monks on the Run ~ Attapeu

Close-up: Coffee Beans Drying

Shades of Lao Coffee, Bolaven Plateau

Close-up of dusty coffee plant leaves

Green and Dusty: Coffee Bush, Bolaven Plateau

Quilts hanging out the window of a wooden building, Laos

Contrasting Bedding ~ Airing the Blankets ~ Coffee Grower's House, Bolaven Plateau, Laos

Lao Woman sitting and laughing in open doorway

The Coffee Planter's Wife Taking Time Out ~ Out of the Heat of the Day

Wooden European-Style Coffee Shop

C'est Charmante! A Little Piece of France ~ Sinouk Coffee Resort and Café, Lakkhao, Laos

Purple Bougainvillea

Purple Bougainvillea

Tea Bush Closeup

Fresh Green Tea Leaves, Pakxong, Bolaven Plateau

Wicker Basket of tools in the Sun

Still-Life: Basket of Tools for the Tea Harvest, Pakxong, Bolaven Plateau

Man sitting on Rock, overlooking still waters

Still Waters: Kong Dung Waterfall... Waterfall? Where?

Suspension Bridge constructed from recovered driftwood, Pasuam Waterfall

Bridge to the Pasuam Waterfall: Constructed from Locally Recovered Driftwood

Portrait: Two Kmer Women

On the Bridge: Visiting Soul Sisters ~ The Kmer Buddhist Nun and Her Cambodian Friend

Buddhist Monk Posing in Front of Pasuam Waterfall

Orange and Green: Buddhist Monk from Cambodia at Pasuam Waterfall, Laos

Monk photographing another monk, Pasuam Waterfall, Laos

Monks' Day Out: Photographing Each Other, Pasuam Waterfall, Laos

Lanscape: Pasuam Waterfall, Laos

Nature at Work: Pasuam Waterfall

Text: Happy Travels

‘Till next time ~ enjoy your days in full colour, and happy travels.






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