Four and Fighting Fit! Another year of Wanders

Woman on mossy rocks: Beng Mealea June152011

Beng Mealea Cambodia – June 15 2011
A photo from earlier times that I found on the computer – I’m older and slower now, but no less enthusiastic!
(Picture credit: Matt Brandon)



That is the sound of another year passing.

Once again, it has been a blast! Too little time; too many wonderful places to visit.

Fifty-two weeks of stories and pictures from 15 countries on five continents: landscapes from walks and scenic road trips; portraits of local people in village markets and participants and performers at music festivals; explorations of pre and early Christian sites and Hindu and Bhuddhist architecture preserved in UNESCO sites; and encounters with animals in zoos, preserves and in the wild …

For the first time, I even managed to dig into the archives; inspired by friends’ travels, I revisited some older photos from Bhutan and Patagonia.


Woman pictured in mirror tiles.

Sydney Squares
International visitors gave us a good excuse to explore close to home.
Haymarket Hotel, Sydney, 01February2013

We thought we’d be slowing down by now, and we are – but I am still travelling and photographing more than I can post weekly. I feel like I will never catch up with the processing and organising – even though there are days I leave the cameras at home and rely upon my iPhone. (Check out my regular Instagram posts.)

People reflected in a shiny metal kangaroo sculpture, Floriade, Canberra

The Aussie-Dollar Kangaroo
I am thankful that my husband is usually a willing participant on photo-walks.
Floriade, Canberra, 29September2013

Woman pictured in mirror tiles.

Fractured Colours
We’ve had some wonderful adventures on far-away oceans.
Carnival Cruises, The Bahamas, 31May2013

Two people

Crystal Waters
Two Medicine Lake, Glacier National Park 22June2013

As always – it has been a great pleasure having you along for the ride. I love it when you comment, whether on the blog itself, in person, via email, or otherwise.

Even when you don’t comment, Google Stats tell me you are there.

Thanks to you all.:-)

A round mirror on a quiet road , Jersey, UK

Waiting for the Bus…
… that never came. Not all travel is smooth sailing!
Jersey, 30August2013

Woman pictured in mirror tiles.

I’m always happy for an excuse to get into Asia… 
Marco Polo Hotel, Xiamen, China, 31March2014

Man and Woman pictured in mirror tiles.

Fractured Elements
… so when my husband’s work took him to China, I happily tagged along.
Marco Polo Hotel, Xiamen, China, 31March2014


I’m looking forward to seeing what the next year will bring us.

I hope you will join me.:-)

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