A Full Five!

Shadows in the window of Garden of the Gods Club and Resort 17May2013

Self Portrait (With Friends):
Garden of the Gods Club and Resort, Colorado 

Time flies!

Especially when you are having fun.

A full five years of Ursula’s Weekly Wanders PhotoBlog posts have passed, and I’m still wandering ~ sometimes revisiting favourite haunts, often exploring wonderful new places.

This last year has been as busy as ever, driving countless kilometres and racking up air-miles while still posting every week.

The various stories – of walks in cities and wildernesses, drives through glorious landscapes, ocean and river sails, and just plain enjoying music and dance – have come from twelve countries and one dependency on five continents.

Reflection of a photographer in a wobbly window, Bodie State Historic Park,

Self Portrait:
Bodie State Historic Park, California



I am continually blown away by the magnificent unspoiled scenery that is still around in this over-developed world, and I’ve been lucky enough to drive, walk, and sail through some spectacular terrain. When I can actually catch a photo of wildlife in one of these natural spaces, I’m ecstatic!

Sikh in black turban, female tourist in sunhat, Amritsar, India

iPhone Portrait: Ravinder and Me
You meet the nicest people when you travel!
Amritsar, 22November2013

The elegance and ingenuity that is expressed through architecture and other man-made structures continues to amaze me, but it is the living arts of music and dance that I enjoy even more. And most of all, I love the generosity of people around the world – their willingness to stop and smile and be photographed.

Tourist boat, Tofino Waters, BC Canada

Self Portrait: Tofino Waters, BC, Canada

We’ve had so many rich experiences over the years that some of my photo sets are starting to get old before I can get to them. Even so, the devastating earthquake in Nepal prompted me to return to some old prints, which I scanned on our rather mediocre scanner.

Reflected shadow of a woman behind metal sculptures of knights, Château de Chillon, Veytaux Switzerland

Me and My Knights in Armour
Château de Chillon, Veytaux Switzerland (23July2014)

I try to alternate the regions that my posts relate to, so as to not bore my subscribers.  As a consequence, one reader commented with astonishment when he knew a post actually corresponded to where I was rather than where I had been!

As always, I am grateful to my audience: whether you speak to me about posts, email me, comment on the posts themselves, “Like” my page on Facebook, or just show up as a stalker on Google Stats, I am glad you are there.

I am especially grateful to my ever-patient husband, who sometimes comes along, and who, among other things, often holds the umbrella.

Distorted reflections in the mirror outside the Cailler-Nestlé shop, Broc Switzerland

Almost Abstract: Self Portrait (22July2014) in the mirrored wall at the Cailler-Nestlé factory…

Distorted reflections in the mirror outside the Cailler-Nestlé shop, Broc Switzerland

… while my ever-patient husband holds the umbrella. Cailler-Nestlé, Broc, Switzerland (22July2014)

Reflection of a photographer in a Beech Bonanza, Tullahoma, TN

In a Beech Bonanza: Tullahoma, TN


I’m looking forward to another year of Weekly Wanders.

I hope you will join me – and share the site with your friends!

Text: Happy Travels

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